Great Birmingham Run: Security alert cuts route short

Runners were forced to divert from part of the route because of a security alert. 

Simplyhealth Great Birmingham Run

Laura Sanders

  • Published: 13 10 2019
  • Last updated: 14 10 2019

It was a cold and wet start for thousands taking part in this year’s Great Birmingham Run. Over 11,000 ran and the fastest person crossed the finish line after just 52 minutes.

The 13 mile run started on Birmingham New Street before heading out towards Edgbaston and Canon Hill Park and finishing at Millenium Point.

However, it wasn’t all smiles at the finish line as many runners felt disappointed, some even angry, that the course was cut short by roughly 2 miles.

The decision was made last minute by the organisers, after some runners had already set off. 

It was later revealed that the decision was made because of a security alert, as a suspect car had been spotted near Cannon Hill Park.

The car was later declared safe. 

In a statement, the Great Run Company said:

“Following today’s Great Birmingham Run, we apologise to all participants who will have had their event day experience affected by the reduced distance of the course.

“This morning we were advised of a suspicious vehicle in the Cannon Hill Park area of the route.

“After consultation with the police and with the safety of the public our number one priority, we altered the route to avoid Cannon Hill Park and Edgbaston.

“A decision, in consultation with the police, was made to progress with the event over the reduced distance and we can assure participants and spectators that their safety was not compromised at any point.

“At a later point in the day the vehicle was subsequently declared as safe.

“Great Run will be in direct contact with all participants in the coming days and thank them for their understanding.”


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